Advanced Arborist

Advanced Arborist

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Price includes a course manual, which will be provided at the time of your training.

Take Your Experience to the Next Level

This is a five day class with a minimum of 40 hours. This class is designed for individuals who have completed the ACRT Arborist Training Basic Arborist class or have at least two years of on-the-job experience along with some formal training. This class is limited to 12 students at a time and instruction is done both hands-on and in the classroom.

Aerial lifts available through special arrangement only.

The prerequisites for this class are:

  • Ability to climb to 20’ with rope and saddle
  • Ability to tie at least four basic knots
  • Know and practice safe chainsaw techniques
  • Tree removal experience
  • Limb walking experience
  • Basic knowledge of current ANSI Safety Standards

In this class you will learn:

  • Current ANSI Safety Standards
  • Compartmentalization Theory of Decay in Trees (CODIT)
  • To develop and present safety meetings
  • How to select appropriate tree species for specific sites
  • Proper planting techniques
  • Roping, rigging, and zip lining
  • How to handle storm damage recovery
  • How to use a tree crane for removal
  • How to conduct safe aerial rescue training
  • How to create a tree appraisal report
  • How to complete a hazard tree rating
  • Basic supervisory and interpersonal skills
  • The basics of pest and disease diagnosis
  • How to use ascenders, split-tail climbing systems, cambium savers, and false crotches

Upon completion of this class you will receive:

  • ACRT Arborist Training certificate of completion
  • ACRT Arborist Training’s Working In Trees textbook, complete with current ANSI Safety Standards
  • ANSI A300 Pruning Standards
  • Sample forms that may be used for copying
  • ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs), if requested
  • A pass/fail grade


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  • ACRT Pacific (Valley Springs, CA)
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