Line Clearance Arboriculture Manual - 2023 Edition

Line Clearance Arboriculture Manual - 2023 Edition

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Field Guide to Technique, Efficiency and OSHA/ANSI Compliance, newly updated for 2023.

ACRT Arborist Training's Line Clearance Arboriculture Manual is a field guide to technique, efficiency, and OSHA/ANSI compliance. The 2023 edition is completely updated and fully equipped with new photos and illustrations to help readers learn how to tie knots, identify tree species, and more. This manual provides line clearance guidance to arborists of all levels and includes a copy of the ANSI Z133-2017.


  1. Safety Standards for Arborists
  2. Emergency Preparedness
  3. Chainsaw Use & Safety 
  4. Ropes & Knots
  5. Climbing
  6. Aerial Lifts
  7. Basic Tree Biology
  8. Tree ID
  9. Pruning Principles
  10. Tree Removal
  11. Electricity and Electrical Hazards
  12. Electrical Systems and Hardware
  13. Line Clearance Tree Pruning
  14. Line Clearance Work Practices
  15. Storm Restoration

Plus Glossary and Index.

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